The Newlanders are brand new Skylanders, protectors of the brand new world, Newlands.

List of SkylandersEdit

The Main SkylandersEdit










SWAP ForceEdit

Trap MastersEdit

Alter Ego NewlandersEdit



Newlanders: AdventureEdit

  • Starter Pack: Magic Touch, Speed Limit, Overflow
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Leafcutter, Dark Magic Touch, Blowtorch
  • Legendary Dirtbag, Legendary Sucker Punch, Legendary Magic Touch
  • Fireball, Sucker Punch, Dirtbag
  • Metalhead, Heat Wave, Treehopper
  • Groundbreaker, Flash Cannon, Word Search
  • Adventure Pack: Stonehenge, Ancient Plains, Dragon Shield, Stone Ship
  • Adventure Pack: Creepy Crawly, Toxic Graveyard, Chain Saw, Olive Branch
  • Sea Horse, Bare Bones, Bedrock
  • Heartbeat, Leafcutter, Wind Tunnel
  • Aurora, Dream Eater, Blockbuster
  • Adventure Pack: Snow Cloak, Frost Cave, Ice Shards, Blizzard Blower
  • Cirius, Dead Ringer, Lightbulb
  • Adventure Pack: Firefly, Fire Lighthouse, Summoner, Sky Bomber
  • Party Animal, Blowtorch, Cloud Nine

Newlanders: GiantsEdit

  • Starter Pack: Early Bird, Series 2 Dead Ringer, Spring Break
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Series 2 Dead Ringer, Cellular Mind Reader, Spring Break
  • Battle Pack: Series 2 Sucker Punch, Snare Root, Serpentine Death Ray
  • Mind Reader, Series 2 Aurora, Series 2 Speed Limit
  • Series 2 Blowtorch, Rain Dance, Series 2 Lightbulb
  • Legendary Blowtorch, Legendary Snow Cloak, Legendary Early Bird
  • Series 2 Wind Tunnel, Quicksliver, Series 2 Treehopper
  • Series 2 Overflow, Headbutt, Series 2 Dream Eater
  • LightCore Groundbreaker, Lightcore Fireball, Lightcore Metalhead
  • Battle Pack: Series 2 Sea Horse, Hellfire, Arachnid Archer
  • Series 2 Fireball, Series 2 Leafcutter, Series 2 Stonehenge
  • Series 2 Groundbreaker, Series 2 Cirius, Series 2 Blockbuster
  • Puppet Master, Series 2 Heartbeat, Series 2 Heat Wave
  • Series 2 Dirtbag, Series 2 Magic Touch, Hellfire
  • Series 2 Bare-Bones, Series 2 Snow Cloak, Snare Root

Newlanders: Swap ForceEdit

  • Starter Pack: Fire Drill, Whirlpool, Mower Leafcutter
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Lost Soul, ????? ?????, Reptilian Fireball
  • Dark Starter Pack: Dark Fire Drill, Dark Whirlpool, Dark Mower Leafcutter, Dark Index Magic Touch, Dark Stone Gaze
  • Adventure Pack: ?????, ?????, ?????, ?????
  • Battle Pack: Jungle King, Viking Stonehenge, Dragon Dungeon
  • Spherical Fireball, ?????, Emotional Mind Reader
  • Index Magic Touch, Torrential Rain Dance, Bug Catcher
  • Cog Clock Face, Lost Soul
  • Cog Clock Face, ????? ?????
  • Grand Prix Speed Limit, ?????, Archimedes Overflow
  • Mercury Quicksilver, Soul Sucker Punch, Gold Rush
  • Hot Pursuit, ????? ?????
  • Grave Digger, ????? ?????
  • Index Magic Touch, Emotional Mind Reader, ?????
  • Adventure Pack: Lead Foot, Parking Lot, Automatic Car, Heavy Lifter
  • Battle Pack: Scary Face, Birthday Party Animal, Gremlin Hammer
  • New Groundbreaker, Kaleidoscope Aurora, Sea Slime
  • ?????, Skeleton Dead Ringer, Viking Stonehenge
  • ?????, Hot Tucker, Birthday Party Animal
  • Apocalypse Hellfire, Nightmare, Worm Eater Early Bird

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