Skylanders:Copycat (If you can help me pls do so like the pictures of the skylandersEdit

Created by:Myself(A non-logged in personEdit

Skylanders:Copycat is a upcoming fan-made game by me.It is the fourth installment of the Skylanders series.The game has many new features which I'll get to later.It will be released on Wii U,Playstation 3,Playstation 4,Xbox 360,Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS.It will be available December 1,2014 worldwide. Edit


About 1000 years ago,a great legendary war began.The battle was between Skylanders and evil.The skylanders were nearly defeated so they retreated.But,8 skylanders still continued fighting.About several hours later,a meteorite came crashing.It was the Legendary meteorite,the meteorite that can grant power to good or evil.Sometimes it will be good luck or bad luck.Fortunately,the skylanders got good luck.The were granted the ability to copycat other's abilities.With that power,they defeated the evil.But,then a disaster happened.A explosion occuredd,sending the 8 copycat skylanders flying to earth