"Brighter Than The Sun" Nova's Official Catch Phrase




The Helix were Creature that lived Under Cloud Break When Nova was born everyone was shocked to see the sight of a new being. This happend because Queen Drilla had secretly been visiting A magical place called Nova's Keep after the tenth time she visited it she recived news that she was having a baby.

Growing Up

After his mother named him "Nova"(Named him it because of *NOVA'S KEEP*) Nova's life wasn't very easy he received the nickname: Flame Breath,Flame Brain and *Light* headed all the teachers and children stayed away from him because of the fact he was fire and rock so they thought that they would burn.

Apart of skylanders

One day trolls attacked the Underground city to turn it into a lair everyone was hiding and whimpering except

Nova Dashed into the troll army setting all of them on fire! news of this travelled to Master Eon then he recuited young Nova to join the Skylanders.


first attacks:

Flame dash,Fire breath

next three

throwin giant flame balls, hypnotising enemies, whipping with tenti-drills


1: setting self on fire (when enemies touch him they get destroyed

commanding enemies to fight other ones

reviving allies

2: sets self on fire and jumps turning everything around him on fire

fire whip tenti-drills go on fire! increasing damage

spin flames he spins and flames go out


Burning Tornadoes

He spins and firey tornadoes form destroying 50 enemies!

Questions: whitch path do you like (Not ENDING)

What kind of variant should I make (ENDS: 29.07.2014)

First villan!!!

Gem Smash(Earth)


Narsmash(Water or earth or tech)

What element should Narmash be


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