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"Blast from your Past EVIL DUDES!"





Octo-Blast was once an evil Pirate working for Kaos, but after the Skylanders banished Kaos to earth, he realized that working for Kaos just so he could over-rule Skylands was not worth anything. He arrived at the Skylander's HQ, but was not trusted amoung the others. To prove his loyalty, he destroyed an enemy pirate ship, and earned the title of Skylander!


1: exploding blow-fish

2: power hose

Soul Gem: Bubbley Bazooka

Additional AttacksEdit

wave rider


faster fish-reloading

Path 1Edit

blow-fish puff up

spinning sea-stars

bubbles explode

Path 2Edit

frozen water

never run out of water

spawn exploding bubbles

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