"Come Here Trolls"

UndeadSymbolSkylanders Old Manson UndeadSymbolSkylanders


Species: Haunted Mansion
Gender: Genderless
Element: Undead
Role: Skylander
World: Deadmen's Cove
Appears in: Skylanders: Fused Elements
- Old Manson's official catchphrase

Old Manson is a pure element mansion monster from Skylanders: Fused Elements


Old Manson was created when Mr. Granns died and the house becamed possesed. She had mind over the mansion. One day while she was sleeping the house got broken into by trolls. Mr. Granns took hold of the house and removed the trolls. They came back with an army and Old Manson had no problem battleling them. It defeated the troll army and they never returned. Eon soon heard of Old Manson and recruited it it to be a Skylander.


Primary attack: Crunching Hands- Old Manson's hands turn into spike balls which he uses to strike enemies

Secondary attack: Glowing Eye- The curtain on the third floor curtain opens and shoots rays of red light

Basic UpgradesEdit

Mr. Granns Returns- The mansion shuts down and you could attack using Mr. Granns

Sharper Needles- Crunching Hands causes more damage

Better Eye- Glowing Eye has more power and turns blue

Haunted Mansion- Mansion actually moves when Mr. Granns is out

Old Manson Returns (Spike ball and eye)Edit

Metal Hands- Spikes are now made of metal dealing more damage

Frozen Lock- Old Manson's eye now could suck in enemies damaging them inside

Not So Old Now- Old Manson now has brick walls instead of wood walls

Mr. Granns Is Scary (Mr. Granns)Edit

Epic Trio- Now three ghost come out of Old Manson

Possesed- Mr. Granns now contols all enemies including villains (Not Kaos)

Hateful Scream- Hold the thrid attack button to make Mr. Granns scream


(Found in Roaring Falls ) All attacks are improved (Hands turn gold if Old Manson Returns path is chosen or four ghost come out of Old Manson if Mr. Granns is Scary path is chosen)


  • He was originally was going to be male
  • His catchphrase is based upon his biography

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