Bite and flight!"


It was a chance of collision between a burrowing ostrich and a poison earth snake got them to attack each other, unaware that hunters are watching them. Both were captured and were brought to an evil wizard. The two animals knew they have to co-operate to get away. They got away but stumbled into one of the wizards potions and got transformed into the Osnake! Both (as one) escaped the place and were put to a mission: saving Skylands as Skylanders (well, a Skylander)!

Powers and upgradesEdit

venom bite- bite and preform a combo

poison cloud- breath a poison cloud that damages any enemy it touches

Basic upgradesEdit

ostricharge- charge with ostrich legs and bite enemies

sharp teeth- bite does extra damage

devastating poison- poison cloud does increased damage

bigger breath attack- poison cloud gets even bigger

Path 1- Ostrich UpgradeEdit

Super Charge- charge does extra damage

super sonic legs- charge is faster and longer

slam down charge end- press attack 1 while charging to jump and slam down on enemies

path 2- snake biterEdit

osnake combos- press attack 1 twice and hold attack 2 for snake spin, press attack 1 twice and hold attack 3 for bite flight

fright bite- bite does maximum damage

venomous teeth- apply venom to enemies when biting, doing damage over time

soul gem- cloud control- hold attack 2 to control the poison cloud

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