Posiden's Database Edit

Database Edit

Name: Posiden

Species: God

Gender: Male

Role: Giant

Appearance: He looks a bit similar to the real Posiden but different. He has dark blue skin, brown beard and hair and wields a similar Golden Trident. He also has legs and has similar white leg clothing to Posiden's. He also wears Shark fin armour on his arms and knees.


Biography Edit

Posiden lived among the depths of the sea, guarding the legendary Golden Trident. He was a God, and was as tall as a Giant. He was good friends with a Portal Master, Eon. Every weekend, Posiden would leave the Golden Trident in a secret place and chat with Eon above the sea. However, on one weekend, underwater arkeyan robots launched an attack on Posiden. However, Posiden defended himself using the Golden Trident which gained him immense power. Eon after hearing that Posiden had mastered the Golden Trident, asked him to join his crew of Giants as his power would be great in helping out the other Giants defeat the arkeyans. Now, Posiden protects Skylands as a Skylander and will do anything to stop evil from invading the seas!

Personalitiy Edit

Posiden is a God that is always serious in battle, but can be a bit of a fool when not battling. He normaly does stupid stuff when he's not battling like when he tasted Ghost Roaster's new soup, which was still cooking and shouted for water. However, in battle he's strong and serious. He is able to take down his opponenets very soon.

Attacks/Actions Edit

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