"I wouldn't hold my breath..."


Puffer was a warrior for the mermaid kingdom, until the kingdom was attacked by oil machines and poisoned the villagers. Puffer, however, just got the ability to control when to blow up, and deflate. Using his new ability, he saved the kingdom and was rewarded a medal, and a special spear. When Eon went to check on the kingdom, he found and recruited Puffer.

Species/ ElementEdit

Warrior pufferfish, Water type


Spear: 1 1 hold one for spear combo

Here we Blow!: 2 to blow up and roll around, 2 to deflate

Silver Spear: Spear is stronger

Catch of the Day: 3 to launch spear 

Here fishy fishy: hold 3 to pull enemy in

Path A: Warrior's Training

Stupendous Spear: 1 1 2 for spin 1 1 3 for launch

Triple Threat: Throw three spears at once

More the Merrier: Catch of the day goes through enemies

Path B: Bubble Brain

Spiky: does more damage, lauches out spikes

Bubbles!: When deflating, launches bubbles

Archers!: while rolling, hit 1 to have spears fall from air

Soul Gem: Golden Armor

Gold armor makes you hard to hit, and spear does even more damage


Puffer has bronze armor and spear until he gets silver spear, then armor and spear is silver, then soul gem is gold. he has tan skin, and has a human shape, but is a pufferfish and his spikes are all down.

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