MagicSymbolSkylanders Pup Eye MagicSymbolSkylanders
Species: Dog-Cyclopes-Genie hybrid
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
Role: Protagonist
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Leaders
Attacks/Actions: Trident Bash

Keeping an Eye Out

Dramatic Exit

"Eye on the prize!" - Pup Eye's official catchphrase.

Pup-Eye is a dog-cyclopes-genie hybrid with a Dimenite trident.

Biography/Story Edit

Pup-Eye was the youngest son of the king of the dog-clopses. In secret, Pup-Eye learned the magic arts. One day, he accidentally converted his hind legs into a mystical gas that allowed him to turn invisible. Pup-Eye hid from his parents in hope that they would never notice he was gone. His wish was granted but when his family palace was raided by evil gremlins, Pup-Eye took his father's trident and warded them off with his magical abilities. Pup-Eye's parents were amazed by his skills so they sent him off to Master Eon who made him a Skylander at once.

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