"That's game"

Racket grew up on the skyland called Tennie where tennis was commonly played. She was a champion of it, until Kaos took over all the sport related islnds and changed the rules! he made tennis rackets be lasers instead of string and they played with eggs instead of tennis balls! Kaos watched the games for entertainment until Sprocket and Bouncer, who loved sports, put an end to this, and asked Racket if she wanted to be a skylander. She gladly accepted and kept her racket as a reminder of why she became a skylander, plus it made perfect french fries.


Tennis player

Move ListEdit

Tennis time-1 1 hold one for combo with racket

Serve-hit a tennis ball at enemies


What a racket!-racket has lasers that do more damage

Tennis shoes-runs fast

Didnt see it coming-serve faster

Bomboyashe-Tennis balls explode

Path A: Athlete

Dive- after running, dive forward

Tied laces- run longer and faster

Outta my way!-use racket while running

Path B: Impossible serves

Serving up combos-1 1 hold 2 to throw bomb 1 1 hold 3 to spin

Longer Racket- Racket does more damage and longer range

Thats not the ball!-hold 1 to throw racket

Soul gem: French fries

Gain more health from food, get some health when killing small and medium with racket.


Wears work-out clothes and sweat bands on hands and head with blonde hair and a blue racket

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