"Sound The Horns!"


Dragon-Goat Hybrid


Raised by Goats and Dragons, Ramees was quite the outcast. He liked to sit alone on the mountain tops, and think to himself. Spyro found him, and said that he shouldn't be sad, and use his unique abilities to defend Skylands. Ramees was happy that his fellow Skylanders cared for him, but if anyone calls him a sheep then he will have a HUGE breakdown. One day a Skylander called Dondum called him a sheep. And that explains why Dondum is not a Skylander anymore.


1: Tail Swipe

2: Head Charge

SOUL GEM: Dragon Armour

Additional AttacksEdit

Spiked Tail

Charge for longer


Path 1Edit

Tail Club

Swipping Spin

Spin Lasts Longer

Path 2Edit

Ibex's Wrath

Stunning Speed

Charge Lasts Longer