"Reak it and REAP!"




Reaper was once a member of the order of Grim Reapers till one day he was going to take the life of a sheep, but realized that the other Grim Reapers were taking advantage of him, and sending him on ridiculous tasks. He decided that his place was not taking souls so he went to walk among the living. He was a horrible outcast, and everyone was frightened. He was soon found by Master Eon, who knew that Reaper would want to be more respected by helping Skylands with the responsibilities of a Skylander.


1: Swing Staff

2: Summon Zombie Allies

SOUL GEM: Staff Takes Souls doing increased damage

Additional AttacksEdit

Midnight Flight

Ghost Armor

Upgraded Blade

Path 1Edit

Staff throws Slices

Ground Pound

Staff ranges farther

Path 2Edit

Summon twice as many zombies

Zombie's Attacks increase damage

Grund pound summons zombies.

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