"Roll up, Kick Butt!" Ring Master is a magic swap force  skylander from my mini-series Skylanders Next Gen


Cirque de Skyland was the most popular circus of all time. And lucky him, Ring Master owned it. At one show, several trolls attacked the performers, so Ring Master got rid of them. Soon after, he enjoyed fighting evil so proceeded to becoming a skylander. His entry was accepted and eventually he had his first adventure. He went to Cloudbreak Volcano and was sliced in half. He now fights by the skylanders, but when there's a show, you know where he is!


Drow Deafener:Press Attack 1 use your megaphone to deafen enemies.

Pull a Baddie Out of a Hat!:Press Attack 2 to use your hat to form a trap around enemies.

Fly up, for Cirque De Skyland!: Press Attack 3 to fly!

     Basic Upgrades:

High Pitched: Megaphone does more damage.

Clown Crusher: Hat does more damage

Wand Waver: Press Attack 1 while flying to attack with your magician's wand

Wands Are Yesterday: Press Attack 2 while flying to breathe fire on enemies.

    Path 1: Skilled Screamer (Megaphone)

Give Me Some Corks!: Megaphone does even more damage.

Hold The (Mega)Phone: Hold Attack 1 to charge up your megaphone for more damage.

Explod-aphone: Hold Attack 1 longer to make the megaphone explode!

     Path 2: Hexed Hat (Wand & Hat)

Maniac Magician: Wand does more damgage.

Stronger String: Hat does even more damage!

Breathful Breather: Fire Breath does more damage.

       Soul Gem & Wow Pow

Hexed Helper: A monster bunny does damage to enemies.

Wow Pow - Aero Armour: You can fly faster and you get new armour!

This is my first EVER page, hope you liked it!

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