"Let's Rock!"




Banished to the Outlands years ago for crimes against Sheep kindness, Rock Runner has been in isolation for years, and in that time he trained himself to fight. After Kaos was blasted to the outlands, he went back to Skylands to help with the fight. After seeing that the Skylanders can beat Kaos, he asked to join their fight. Eon thought that the last of the Rhinochs would be a nice addition.


1: Primal Punchs

2: Horn Charge

SOUL GEM: Spiked Armour

Additional AttacksEdit

Ground Pound


Glowing Gloves

Path 1Edit

Killer Combo

Spiked Knuckles

Fast Fists of Fury

Path 2Edit

Monster Charge

Charge Leaves Trail of Rubble

Quick Charge

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