bio: once rockhard was a tiny little boulder that rolled all around the place and was mates with prism break but then prism break was shooting a beam and hit 6 boulders and they smashed and hit rockhard and combined together and turned into a giant rock golem. Prism Break was scared. He quickly ran to Master Eon and he made rockhard a big and powerful skylander.

cachphrase:any more boulders?

He is in a Triple Pack with Whizzy and Dracula. Type:Giant

speicies:rock golem


primary ability: boulders- throws a boulder

secondary: rock smash- creates a rock shockwave

attack three: purple rock- an powerful purple boulder comes down from the sky

soul gem: giant purple rock- purple rock does extremely insane damage


spike boulders- thrown boulders do increased damage

boosting smash- boulder/rock attacks are faster

what lies beneath- shockwaves damage a larger area

boulders ahoy (path 1)- upgrade normal boulders

better rocks- rocks/boulders do huge damage

hard rocks- rocks/boulders stay in the ground creating a shield for you

stone boulders- rocks/boulders have a new look and do insane damage

purple smash (path 2)- upgrade purple rock

super smash- purple rocks creates a crater and send shards flying out (not out of the crater)

hyper purple- shards do increased damage

purple meteor- purple rocks create massive purple meteors rapidly coming out of craters



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