"Can you dig it?"

Rocko's official catchphrase

Rocko is a mummy with Aztec like mask, hands, and feet that appears in Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Rocko

Species: Mummy

Gender: Male

Element: Earth

Appearance: Rocko is a jock mummy with a green Aztec mask, hands, and feet


Within the deepest part of Skylands Rocko had been in hiding in a temple. He had ruled Skylands for thousands of years. One day he died and he was wrapped in his mummy outfit. After finding out that the new ruler of Skylands was hiding secrets from his groups. Rocky set him straight and after a thousand year sleep, Eon searched for him to make him a Skylander.


  • Primary attack- Rocket Fist: Press A1 to launch your fist to enemies
  • Secondary attack- Frozen Breath: Press A2 to unleash an awful breath to freeze enemies

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Mummy Wrap: Press A3 to untie your body to leave a your body as a substitute
  • Iron Fist: Rocket Fist now turn silver and do increase damage
  • Frigid: Frozen Breath does more damage

​ The Ancient Way (Fist and Breath)Edit

  • Golden Fist: Rocket Fist are now golden and do maximum damage
  • Nightmare Breath: Breath now blows up enemies
  • The Modern Civilization: A1 and 2 do increase damage

​ The Mummy (Substitude)Edit

  • Trail Wrap: Wrap now leaves a trail of mummy paper
  • Living Mummy: Substitude now becomes the size of Rocko
  • Happy Mummy: Mummy substitute now does more damage



  • He is the same as Grave Clobber

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