EarthSymbolSkylanders Rockster EarthSymbolSkylanders


Species: Rock
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions:  Spit Rocks, Wait Where Did he go?, Jump Smash.


- Rockster's official catchphrase

Rockster is a new Skylander from the game Skylanders Elemental Masters. He is also one of the 10 elemental masters (PAGE STILL IN THE WORKS)


Rockster became alive as a earthquake was present. He came right out of the rocks and boom there he was! He was confused as no other rocks had come out. He was very confused. He hopped around as a living rock. He tried asking some random boulders what his purpose was and why he was alive but they did not answer as they were not living. Rockster was grumpy. He was very confused but then came along some Cyclopes. He opened his mouth wide open in surprise and a rock came out. He was very confused at that time. Then he spit out a rock. He knew what he had to do. He spit rocks at all the cyclopes eyes and they fell down and he told them never to try and hurt him again. Then came along Master Eon. He told him for his great bravery around the cyclopes he would be turned into a Skylander but not only a skylander.. A Elemental Master Too!

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