"Hit the ground" - S.M.A.S.H's official catchphrase S.M.A.S.H is a robot who uses his mouth to fight

Story Edit

S.M.A.S.H was just a bunch of Digging pieces which were from other robots. One day, a mechanic decided to use those parts to build a robot which his original name was S.M.A.C.K but he said his name is S.M.A.S.H which he helped him at Skylands's robot digging contest, but Kaos was there and he scanned him that he was a bad guy and the competers and judges were imposters and they destroyed it, but S.M.A.S.H was not lazy and defeated every imposter. Eon soon heard of this bravery and made S.M.A.S.H a Skylander.

Moveset Edit

Eat Rocks: Press the primary button to eat rocks and spit them out at enemies. Digestion: Press the primary button to eat rocks, then press the secondary button to crush them and lay small stones that damages enemies. Crystal Eater: Press the third button to turn your hand into a pickaxe and destroy rocks, eat the crystals to heal you.

Basic Upgrades Edit

Bigger eater: You now eat bigger rocks and will make you bigger. Super big stones: After eating rocks, you lay bigger stones. Crystaline: Your pickaxe is bigger and will break bigger rocks which reveal crystals that heal you more. New crusher: You gain a new mouth that breaks rocks down to super big stones.

== Super Digester == (Digestion) Almost so big: After Digesting, you lay rocks that are two inches bigger. Crushing big rocks: Crush down super big rocks with a new mouth that digests even bigger rocks. Super Big rocks: After Digesting, you lay rocks that are so big you can roll them like boulders and enemies are defeated.

== Crystal breaker == (Crystal Eater) Bronze Pickaxe: Turn your pickaxe bronze that it will destroy harder rocks. Titanium Pickaxe: Turn your pickaxe Titanium that it will destroy way harder rocks. Traptanium Pickaxe: Turn you pickaxe Traptanium that it will never break and reveal crystals that heal you 50%

Soul Gem and Wowpow Edit

Soul Gem:Eat a mine!: You can now eat a mine that is very delicious

Wowpow: Salt Crystals!: Crystal turn into salt crystals now and are even more delicious than ever.

Creator powers Edit

Eat Ruby crystals: When near a mine, you begin the eat Ruby crystals minigame that heal you 70%.

Smash: When near a mountain, you begin the smash the mountain with your hand and it will destroy the mountain.

Poll Edit

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