Species: Saber-toothed cat
Gender: Male
Element: Undead
Role: Skylander
Appears in: Skylanders: Mutated

Dagger Fang
Bony Bash
Death Pack
Sharpened Tooth

First Release: Skylanders: Mutated
"Pack Up!"
    —Sabre's official catchphrase

Sabre is an Undead Skylander from Skylanders: Mutated.



Sabre was a hunter since the moment he could walk. He has a habit of flickering form skeleton and flesh and blood, for Eon was partly weak when he brought Sabre back to life. He also loves to find bones and bring them back to the other Skylanders. Not like a dog, but he believed that they each were part of his family. The first time it worked, Sabre was shocked. The bones had lifted from the ground and formed a skeleton of a saber-toothed cat. These cats managed to help him battle enemies.



Sabre was from a long, long time ago, before even the Giants. He was the son of the Alpha of his pack and he was the heir. Before he could become the Alpha his home and family was killed by a monstrous species. These enemies were able to kill the saber-toothed cats to extinction. Millenia later his fossils were discovered by a group and put in a museum. Strangely, Eon saw potential in Sabre's dead body and brought him back to life. He told Eon his story and Eon made him a Skylander. As a Skylander, Sabre did a lot of things to avenge his pack. He protected species close to extinction, but most importantly, always had a lookout for the monstrous species.



  • 90 - 200
  • 70 - 200
  • 130 - 200
  • 70 - 200


Basic Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability

Requires Soul Gem from: Scream City

Dagger Fang Bony Bash Alpha Cat

Primary Ability Press your primary power button to leap on enemies and sink your fangs into them.

Secondary Ability Split your tail into bones that fly at your enemies.

Price: 4000 Hold to make a pack member that is stronger than others and lasts the longest.

Basic Upgrades Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Death Pack Sharpened Tooth Skeletarget Extended Death

Price: 500 Press the button to summon a pack member to help you fight enemies.

Price: 700 Dagger Fang does increased damage.

Price: 900 Bones target an enemy to fly at.

Price: 1200 Pack members have a longer life.

Breaking Bones This upgrade path lets you further develop your Bony Bash and Dagger Fang attacks.

Fangs of Fury Broken Bones Tooth Shot

Price: 1700 Fangs come out and fly around like crazy.

Price: 2200 Bones shatter on contact and regrow, doing extra damage.

Price: 3000 Fangs target enemies.

Heir To Extinction This upgrade path lets you further develop your Death Pack attacks.

Saber-Tooth Ancient Allies Banished Bones

Price: 1700 Pack members have same upgrades as you.

Price: 2200 Pack members will only be die by being killed by enemies.

Price: 3000 Defeated enemies extend a pack members life.


Battle CriesEdit

  • "Pack Up!"
  • "You Like My Pack?!"
  • "Pack Or Else!"
  • "I'm the Alpha here!"
  • "For my pack!"
  • "The power of extinction!"
  • "I'm older than the Giants!"
  • "Bones Of The Predator!"
  • "Hunting Freely!"
  • "On The Hunt!"
  • "The Hunts Have Paid Off!" When Checking Stats
  • "Now THAT's A Name For An Alpha!" When Given A Nickname.
  • "Reminds Me Of My Old Home." When Entering An Elemental Gate.
  • "My Pack Will Like This!" When Given A Hat.