Finally... The Sand Palace Adventure Pack! The Adventure Pack comes with Sandblaster, Obsidian Armor, Sandslide, and of course, the Sand Palace Chapter!


"Let me give you ome Sand!" Sandblaster is the Sand Master. He's an all around fighter, with his Sand Hand, which lets him throw sand at enemies, his Scuttle, which can get up in an enemies face, and the Sandbite, where Sandblaster will snap at enemies.

Obsidian ArmorEdit

"Steel Ain't Real!" The Obsidian Armor is stronger than anything. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. So better make the most of your invincibility!


"Ride The Sand!" With the Sandslide, you'll get past a tough arena in no time. Summon a giant sandslide to wipe out everyone in sight(Besides You)!

Sand PalaceEdit

"Build The Sandcastle!" The Sand Palace has been overtaken by Sand Golems and Cyclopses. One piece of advice. Save the Sand Palace! With Sandblaster and the Items, you will have the face the Sand King, and make him lose the Sand Palace.

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