Sand Shifter

"Down and under!" is Sand Shifter's catchphrase. Sand Shifter is a Sand Leech that uses the power of sand to fight and is of the Earth element.


Sand Shifter was from the species of the most misunderstood creature in skylands, the Sand Leeches. The residents of the desert thought that they would drag victims into the earth using their circular jaws and suck their life energy.This is false, but the residents of Skylands still believed they were evil. One day, on the deserts of Skylands, Kaos was unleashing his trolls to loot the towns of the deserts of their gold, they continued to loot, until they saw Sand Shifter. The trolls immediately began attacking while Sand Shifter unleashed a sandy blast to take care of them, fortunately Kaos happens to fear him and ran away. He was no longer feared in that town and the word quickly spread around Skylands, bringing a new name to the Sand Leeches! Then Eon found out and asked him to join the Skylanders!


Leech off: Press the primary button to bite and latch on to an enemy and begin damaging them and regaining health.

Sand Doodle: Press and hold the secondary button to start burrowing in the sand that leaves a trail that damages enemies, and also draw certain shapes for strong effects, circle: explosion of sand, square: a sandy vortex, triangle: sandy triangular projectiles.

Sand Storm: Press the third button to let of a very wide sand wave storm that travels forward.


Skilled artist: Doodling does more damage.

Doodle mania: Doodling lasts forever.

Sand Dominoes: Hold the primary button to slam your head underground, which cause multiple sands bars to uppercut upward while then falling over like dominoes.

Drag under: While burrowing, press the primary button to snatch the enemy closest to you underground, which makes them take rapid damage.

Work of art (Sand Doodling)Edit

Shapes of wrath: Now you can draw a pentagon that acts as a trap that flips up enemies.

Sandy hide: Damage is reduced while underground.

What's in this sand? :Doodling does max damage

Sand Storm Warner (Sand Storms)=Edit

Wave all out!: Sand Storm wave now travels in all directions.

Thick air: Sand Storm Waves now drag enemies around as soon as they're caught.

Sand Column: Hold the third button to recess a large sand column from around you that acts as a shield and damages enemies by releasing multiple Sand Clouds that damages enemies.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit


The bite of doom: When you latch on to an enemy, you regain even more health.


Chew: While latched on to an enemy, press primary button to chew on the enemy and deal more damage.


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