Chompy blitzbloom

              "Skaters gonna Skate!"                          

- Scate Chompy's official catchphrase

Scate Chompy is a Chompy of the Life element. You can only find his figure in the Quest for the Golden Magna Charge adventure pack.


Scate Chompy was royal to his boss Kaos - like the other Chompies. But one day he lost himself in the woods and Stealth Elf rescued him. She made him on the Skylander's side and also bigger, better, and stronger. He became a Skylander in no time.


He is always cheerful and likes harmony - except when Kaos attacks. Then he gets WILD in fight!


Skylanders: Trap TeamEdit

He is one of the Trap Master Skylanders in Skylanders: Trap Team.

Skylanders RacingEdit

He appears as a playable character with his cart Chart .

Skylanders: MultiverseEdit

He appears as a playable character.


Chomp: Press the primary button to unleash a toothy bite!

Skater dash: Press the secondary button to dash forward, hold the secondary button to keep skating.

Scent of Search: Press and hold the third button to begin sniffing the ground, then when you get an exclamation point, press the primary button to dig it up, it could be damaging fruit: 50%, food: 25%, or money: 25%.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Thin teeth: When you bite an enemy your teeth are left and continue to damage it for a bit.

Better Sniffer: You can find up to two items at a time while sniffing.

Skate act: Hold the secondary button to start a rapid spin attack that knocks away enemies.

Skate flop: While skating, press the primary button to jump up in the air and slam downward.

Chompy Partner: He spits a chompy that fights enemies and then disappears

Chompy Boomer: He spits two chopies that fight enemies and then disappear

Chompy Wave: He spits three chompies that fight enemies and then disappear

Toothy maw (Biting)Edit

Pac Chomp: Hold the primary button to dash forward chomping at anything in your way.

Infectious mouth: When you bite an opponent it may get them sick.

Pearly whites: Biting does more damage.

Body act (Skating and Sniffing)Edit

Dirt licker: While sniffing, press the primary button to eat dirt that causes you to burp a large wave.

Thorny fleets: While skating, thorns are left behind damaging enemies.

Dashsplosion: When beginning a dash, it lets off an explosion.

The Soulgem and Wowpow are TBA.

See AlsoEdit

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  • Scate Chompy and Chomp - Chomp are the only good chompies in all of Skylands

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