"He's off the chart!"


Scervo is a villain from Skylanders: Multiverse. He is a robotic pirate of the Tech element.


Scervo was last seen sailing the skys in Aerial Assault plundering a certain floating island.


The battle begins with a small cutscene and then Scervo lands on a narrow island where he is ready to fight. First, Scervo begins shooting cannonballs and they can only be avoided if you jump over them since the path is narrow, after he finishes shooting cannonballs he'll run up to you and try to slash you with his drill and then he'll jump back, he will then repeat the process until he is defeated.


HP: 2000

Attacks Damage:

Cannonball: 160

Drill: 98


Pirate Drill: Press the primary button to slash and jab with the drill and press primary, primary, primary for a combo! Each slash does 98 damage.

Cannon Bawl: Press the secondary button to blast a large cannonball that flies forward. Each cannonball does 160 damage.

Electrifry: Press the tertiary button to stab your drill into the ground and create a wave of electricity that links from enemy to enemy. Waves do about 85 damage.


In Ghoul Pits there is a skeleton named, Gregg, who found a secret pirate map but needs Scervo to translate it from Pirate Language to English. When you finish translating it, Scervo will upgrade and his clothing will turn dark orange, his cannon and drill become much more futuristic, drill slashing does an extra 23 damage, cannonballs do an extra 37 damage, and waves of electricity stun enemies and do an extra 16 damage.


"Ye aren't welcome here, I'm gonna have to teach ye scallywag a lesson!" When he first spots you

"Who's gonna hide me treasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurreee!!!!" When is about to be trapped

"What no gold?" When trapped

"I'll be ye friend, if you give me a chance to find me booty!!!" When trapped

"Robots and Pirates be the best combination out of every one of 'em!!!" When choosing a villain

"Pick me! I'd even share me booty with ye!" When choosing a villain

"Me bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!" When sending him in-game

"Drill in!!!" When in battle

"Do these numbers mean how much booty I have?" When checking stats

"Better than me old pirate hat!!!" When putting on a hat

"So pretty, reminds me of me ship, in a way." When putting on a hat

"No need for me drill now!" When opening a gate

"I need to be a pirate on the move, get me goin'!" When idle

"Uh, sorry me bucko, robots gotta recharge." When timer runs out

"Battery still be a chargin'!" When timer runs out

"I be lookin' forward to join in!" When timer recharges

"Take me out this 'ol mustard smelling trap, I be ready!!!" When left in trap for a while

"Where's me booty?! I NEED ME BOOTY!!!" When left in trap for a while

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