"Hoist the main-WAIL!"
Seadog Pirates




On a ship called the S.S.CrossBone, Scurvy was the navigater. When a Kracken attacked the ship, he was able to save the crew by planting the ship on an abandoned island, but he could not escape the Kracken. He sliced off a tentacle, and swam to the shore of Eon's Palace. Explaining antics, Scurvy gained Eon's trust and he made him a Skylander.


1: Sword Slices

2: Soaking Claws

SOUL GEM: Swiming Heals You

Additional AttacksEdit

Sword Combo

Wolf's Paw


Path 1Edit

Sheild of the Seas

Captain's Cutless

Sword carries items

Path 2Edit

Claws of Iron

Artic Splash

Splash ranges farther.

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