Sea Strike v2

Sea Strike is a giant sea spider who uses a web surf board to surf waves. His catchphrase is "Let's surf the web!"


Sea Strike was born a surfer, he loved to surf all the time, however that soon changed. The evil Sea Spider Command Army stopped all fun and happiness in the Sealands. Sea Strike was planning to stop the evil Army, so he quickly taught them the meaning of fun and it convinced them to bring happiness back to Sealands. Because of his bravery, Eon asked him to join the Skylanders!


Sea spin: Press primary button to cause a spin attack.

Surf: Summon a wave and begin to continuously surf around picking up enemies.

Web Nest: Press third attack to start making a large web, that when enemies touch it the get trapped, up to 3 enemies can be trapped.

Basic upgradesEdit

Whirlpool which: Hold primary button to charge spin attack, release to cause a whirlpool that sucks in nearby enemies.

Surf zone: Surfing lasts longer.

Sharp tips: Spinning does extra damage.

Web tonight!: Web nest can trap up to 4 enemies.

Water wafted (Spinning and surfing)Edit

The not so itsy bitsy spider: Spinning has high knockback and does extra damage.

Wave your arms up on the air!: When surfing, wave is larger and has mini waves around it.

Water next?: While surfing, press the primary button to blast all the water out in all directions.

Web winger (Webs)Edit

Sticky fingers: Wherever you crawl, you leave a trail of snapping, damaging webs.

Cradled in web: Web nest is larger, traps up to 6 enemies, and does extra damage.

Web armor: Press primary button when your on your web, to wrap yourself in web, which reduces damage taken and increases speed but is lost after 2 hits.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: Webs it to ya?: Hold third button to charge web attack, release to blast homing web balls that slow and damage enemies.

Wowpow: Double web: Spawn up to two webs.


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