"Spray the Pain!"


Serpent-Dragon Hybrid


One day when he was just an egg, Searpent fell into a Serpent's nest, and was raised by a Sea Dragon in the ways of a Serpent. He became very good with venom, but being a Dragon resulted in a flame, but one day he got lost in a fight with a troll and Spyro found him and took him to Eon.


1: Spray poison

2: Throw spikes

Soul Gem: Create A Poisen Force-Field

Additional AttacksEdit

Wave Rider

Poison Scales

Walk on Lava

Path 1Edit

Ignite Poison

Poison Ranges Farther

Spraying Poison creates Small Poison Force Field

Path 2Edit

Boomerang Spikes

Larger Spikes

Spikes Explode Giving More Damage

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