"Slip and Slide!" Gill Grunt's catchphrase for Serrantine.

Serrantine the Sea Serpent is the Water Beast


In the darkest depths of Skylands' oceans, Serrantine thundered through the sea with poison as deadly as Box Jellyfish. Thumpback soon found it on a fishing trip and seemed to be immune to its deadly bite. Now back from the dead, it slides through Skylands looking for the perfect moment to strike.


Attack 1: Lunge

Attack 2: Spit


Sailor Mouth: Leave Poisonous Puddles after your Lunge Attack.

Dirty Habit: Spits are now poisonous to enemies and do damage overtime.

Lickety Spin: Press and hold Attack 3 to stick out your tougne and spin around.

Painful Poison: Puddles do more damage and licking them gives you health back.

Poisonous Python (Spits and Puddles)Edit

Jellydish: Charge up spit to shoot out a Jellyfish that leaves a huge puddle.

Parasite Puddle: Enemies who step into puddles turn against others for a while.

Fire Belly: Leave a trail of poison in your wake.

Commander Constrictor (Lunge and Lick)Edit

Stretchy Snake: Hold down Attack 1 to extend your Lunge attack, even control where it goes.

Wet and Wild: Spin around long enough to be covered in poisonous water.

Serrantine Combos: A1,A1,A3 for Flying Tail Smash, A1, A1, A2 for Poison Vomit.

Soul GemEdit

Stone Cold Scales: New Armour makes Serrantine harder to hit.

Elemental RidersEdit

Air: Spin Attack becomes a Tornado.

Earth: A1, A2, A1 for Poison Geyser.

Fire: Leave fire in your wake.

Life: Poison Attacks do more damage, with toxic bushes forming insted of puddles.

Magic: Puddles summon Box Jellyfish protectors.

Tech: Lunge Attacks fire out bombs.

Undead: Electrocute enemies with Undead Lightning through licking or spitting.

Water: Increased Stats.

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