Sham Pow

"This Buffy dude loves to punch!"

Sham-Pow is a villain in Skylanders: Multiverse. He is an axolotl boxer who is from the Water element.


He was last spotted in Downtown Trouble beating up Mabu citizens at the food court for their lunch money.


The battle begins with a small cutscene and he then begins to charge toward you while punching and then jumps back and begins spitting out bubbles from afar, he then repeats the tactics until he's defeated.


HP: 1500

Attack Damage:

Punching: 89

Bubbles: 63


Fist of the Axolotl: Press the primary button to unleash rapid, strong punches that knock enemies back. Punching does 89 damage each.

Bubble Trouble: Press the secondary button to burp up a large bubble that traps enemies and damages them. Bubbles do 63 damage

Beefy: Press the tertiary button to eat a package of beef jerky which causes you to be twice as strong for a while and then it takes a while to use it again. Damage and speed doubles.


To access Sham-Pow's mission, talk to a Mabu referee in the boxing ring in the chapter Downtown Trouble. To complete the mission, defeat the very cocky, Basherson, who is Batterson's and Hatterson's boxing brother, in a battle! When you complete the mission, you upgrade and it makes you turn bluish green, your boxing gloves have spikes on them, punching does an extra 33 damage, bubbles do an extra 21 damage, and the beef jerky wait is shorter after use.


Upgraded Sham-Pow


"Me no like you! Me gonna pound you to a pulp!!!!" When he first spots you.

"Hey!!! Me don't think this match lasts this looooooooooooooooooonnngg!!!!" When about to become Trapped.

"Hey, this place is smaller than my ring! But me do like the mustard smell!" When Trapped

"Me trapped? For some reason me feel like me should be good, uh, right?" When Trapped

"Pick the Boxing lizard guy!" When choosing him as a villain

"PLEASE PICK MEEEEEE!!!!" When choosing him as a villain

"Time for the maaaaaaaaaaaatch!!!!" When sending him in-game

"Here comes the boom!" When in battle

"Uh, me not really good with numbers, I'm the punchy type." When checking stats

"Me look smashing, or punching!" When putting on a hat

"Me likey!" When putting on a hat

"Open Open Open!!!" When opening up a gate

"Me boooooooooored!" When idle

"Uh, sorry, me gotta recharge for a while." When timer runs out

"Not ready, wait some more!" When timer runs out

"Ready for the match!!" When timer recharges

"Me here for ya!!!" When left in trap for a while

"Boxers gotta get some exercise, y'know!" When left in trap for a while

Villain ThemeEdit

Sham-Pow Theme01:27

Sham-Pow Theme

Sham- Pow Theme

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