Species: War Armadillo
Gender: Male
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Mutated
Attacks/Actions: Sharp Charge
Knife Throw
Golden Super Charge
First Release: Skylanders: Mutated
"Stay Sharp!"
    —Sharp-Ball's official catchphrase

Sharp-Ball is a Tech Skylander from Skylanders: Mutated.



The War Armadillos were a species that resembled Mabu, but had rows of spikes sticking out of their back. As their name suggests, they were always at war. But Sharp-Ball didn't like war. He hid in a cave. After a while, he became ashamed. Suddenly, Trigger Happy jumped in, firing his pistols like crazy. "That war is awesome!" Suddenly the ground began to rumble. Trigger Happy kept shooting. A rock fell from the top of the cave. Sharp-Ball jumped on top of Trigger Happy, protecting him from the rock. Trigger Happy brought Sharp-Ball to Master Eon and he made him a Skylander.


Basic Abilities

These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability Requires Soul Gem from:'Whisper Woods

Golden Pistols Lob Golden Safe Infinite Ammo
[1]Primary Ability

Shoot rapidfire coins out of both golden guns.

[2]Secondary Ability

Lob explosive golden safes at Trigger Happy's enemies.

[3]Price: 4000

Golden Machine Gun has unlimited ammo.

Basic Upgrades Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Golden Super Charge Pot O' Gold Golden Mega Charge Golden Machine Gun
[4]Price: 500

Charge up the Golden Gun, then release to fire a bullet that does damage.

[5]Price: 700

Throw a Pot of Gold, which does increased damage.

[6]Price: 900

Charge up Trigger Happy's Golden Gun longer to do even more damage.

[7]Price: 1200

Activate a machine gun and swivel its aim with the control stick.

Golden Frenzy This upgrade path lets Trigger Happy further develop his Golden Gun attacks.

Happiness Is A Golden Gun Bouncing Bullets Golden Yamato Blast
[8]Price: 1700

Golden Gun does increased damage.

[9]Price: 2200

Golden Gun's bullets bounce off walls.

Price: 3000 Charge up the Golden Gun even longer to do maximum damage.

Golden Money Bangs This upgrade path lets Trigger Happy further develop his throwing skills.

Just Throwing Money Away Coinsplosion Heads or Tails
[10]Price: 1700

Pot O' Gold attack has longer range.

[11]Price: 2200

Pot O' Gold attack explodes in a shower of damaging coins.

[12]Price: 3000

Toss a coin that does extra damage ... and if it lands on heads, it does even more damage.


Battle CriesEditEdit

  • "Mine mine mine!"
  • "Pow pow pow!"
  • "Eat gold!"
  • "No Gold, No Glory!"
  • "Pow pow pow, you you you!"
  • "Me at my best!" - When chekcing stats.
  • "Me me me me!" - When checking stats.
  • "Crazy hat, like me!" - When putting on a hat.
  • "Good look for me!" - When putting on a hat.
  • "Winning is mine!"
  • "Bigger Trigger!"
  • "Ha ha ha victory!"

Commercial QuotesEditEdit

  • "Here comes Trigger Happy! In the face!" - from The Beginning Trailer.
  • "He's so hot right now." - (from Eruptor TV Commercial)
  • "My name is Trigger Happy! No Gold, No Glory!" from Trigger Happy's TV Spot
  • "Here they come!" - from the start of the Boomtime commercial.
  • "This is not me at my best." - from The Beginning Trailer.
  • "Holy guacamole!" - from the Skylanders: Giants debut trailer.
  • "Giants rule!" - from the Giants debut trailer.
  • "Spee too!" *Silent moment* "...Or you know, I just wait here." - From 'My Turn' TV commercial.
  • "In the face!" - Commenting Prism Break's performance in the Tag Team Commercial

Character TrailersEditEdit

[13][,_No_Glory%29 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure - Trigger Happy Preview (No Gold, No Glory)(00:15) 1,493 views]Added by Aura24[14][ Skylanders Spyro's Adventure GamesCom 2011 Trailer - Trigger Happy(00:53) 2,057 views]Added by Aura24[15][ Skylanders Giants - SERIES 2 TRIGGER HAPPY Official Trailer(00:36) 4,337 views]Added by Hoopblub ==See AlsoEdit==


  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3

[16]Trigger Happy Trailer[17]Trigger Happy's promotional art[18]A singed Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant, and Eon standing by Spyro after the young dragon accidentally burned his fellow allies while attempting to attack the Goliath Drow illusion in Spyro versus The Mega Monsters[19]Official Concept Art of Trigger Happy[20]A close up look at Trigger Happy[21]Trigger Happy in Toy Form on the Portal of Power[22]Trigger Happy at the Crystal Eye Castle[23]Trigger Happy eating Junkils[24]Trigger Happy in toy form[25]Trigger Happy shooting his machine gun[26][27][28]E3 Trigger Happy single pack[29]Series 2 Trigger Happy's trailer screenshot Add a photo to this gallery ==TriviaEdit==

  • Trigger Happy's guns bears a slight resemblance to Maverick REV-6s, a toy made by the toy brand of NERF.
  • On Skylanders official Facebook page, under a picture of Trigger Happy it has been said in the comments that I-Wei Huang was the person that came up with Trigger Happy's design.
  • He has the lowest health in the game out of all the Skylanders, making him easy to defeat.
  • In S1 Trigger Happy's artwork, the coins he is shooting have Spyro's head on them. But in-game, the coins have Trigger Happy on them.
  • His catch phrase is a joke on the phrase " No guts, No glory".
  • Trigger Happy's Golden Yamato Blast can destroy cracked rocks in Molekin Mine.
  • He speaks with a hyper high pitched voice, but in the media, he speaks with a stereotypical Russian accent.
  • In Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, Trigger Happy is the first Skylander unlocked.
  • In Giants and so on, Trigger Happy has an incredibly squeaky voice.
  • Before Swap Force, he and Tree Rex were the only console starter pack Skylanders with no ability of flight.
  • One of his upgrades is called Golden Yamato Blast. Yamato is the name of the largest ship ever constructed.
    • On the Wii Version of Spyro's Adventure, his Yamato Blast can also defeat Rotting Robbies.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Spyro's Adventure, when you obtain his Soul Gem, it incorrectly states the name of the upgrade as "Infinite Hellfire", but when upgrading him, it says Infinite Ammo. It is unknown whether the Soul Gem is a typo, or if it is incorrectly named in upgrading.
  • Trigger Happy will keep saying "Mine" when you collect goods. This also happens while riding on Flavius.
  • Trigger Happy's rocket on his Series 3 figure resembles the rocket from a Wallace and Gromit short film, A Grand Day Out. Despite his Series 3 artwork, he doesn't carry his golden pistols while riding on his golden rocket.

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