"The claws of awesomeness"

-Sharptooth's official catchphrase

Sharptooth is a pure bidepial tiger who is a Skylander from Skylanders: Fused Elements

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Sharptooth

Species: Tiger

Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sharptooth is a white tiger with black obsidian armor that is set on fire. He wields a fire torch which he uses for battle.


Sharptooth was created in an illegal lab in the moon. He along with other creatures escaped the lab and went everywhere to space. Sharptooth found a cozy place, known as Skylands, where he rested until he was attacked by the Ancient Terrors . He, using his incredible tiger skills and accuracy, was able to defeat the whole army of Ancient Terrors. Eon, who heard of his heroicness, appointed him to be a Skylander.


Primary attack: Flame Claws-Sharptooth paws become full of fire

Secondary attack: Fire Torch-Creates a wip that is made of flames

Basic UpgradesEdit

The Fire from Within- Give Sharptooth a roar

The Sharpness-Sharptooth's paws become enflamed with fire for a ten second period

Eternal Flames- Sharptooth's wip now has three wips

Screech- Sharptooth's roar becomes high pitch

Natural Instinct (Claws and Torch)Edit

Fire Paws- Sharptooth's laws are on fire all the time

Killer Torch- Sharptooth's wip now upgrades to five wips and is now unlimited

Hot Protection- Sharptooth now has armor made of fangs and flames

Mr. Opera (Roar)Edit

Killer Roar- Heads are formed everytime Sharptooth roars

Three Times The Chram- The Heads created by the roar could fly and attack using the same skills Sharptooth does

Infinite Roar- Roaring three times will create another Sharptooth who will help in battle


(Found in Roaring Falls ) Sharptooth now could runon fours and attack unsuspecting enemies


  • He is left handed