"Go to Shleep!" 

-Shleepy's  Catch Phrase

AirSymbolSkylanders Shleepy AirSymbolSkylanders


Species: Sheep
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Mixers

Shleepy is a Air/Magic lamb with an oversized hat who attacks by trapping enemies in bubbles and ram style kung fu.

Elements Edit







Shleepy was born into a small sheep flock on a small isand. Unlike his peers, who played all day, Shleepy slept for about 18 hours a day. Until one day when the flock was attacked by a pack of vicious wolves! Instantly Shleepy jumped into action, made giant bubbles by yawning and trapped the wolf pack in his bubbles. Shleepy was declared a hero and news of his deeds spread through Skylands as he protected his tiny flock from all dangers. When Shleepy isn't in action, he's always sleeping.



Ram Fu- Pressing attack one causes Shleepy to punch, pressing attack one three times does a punch, kick, punch combo.

Bubble- Pressing attack two makes a small bubble that can be controlled to collide into an enemy. It does standard damage. 

Basic Upgrades

Training- Ram Fu does more damage.

Bubble Bobble- Holding the second attack button down create a bigger bubble that does more damage relating to the size of the bubble.

Crook- Shleepy gets a crook that he can use as a fighting staff when you press attack three.

Crook Hook- Shleepy's crook gets bigger and has longer range, additionally it does more damage.

Enter the Ram

Further upgrade Shleepy's Ram Fu

Ram Form- Shleepy enters Ram Form which temporarly icreases his Ram Fu's power

Punch Out- Shleepy's punches do more damage and have a longer range.

Kick It Back- The kicks in Shleepy's punch, kick, punch combo have a much longer range because he incorperates his crook in the attack.

Bubble Trouble

Further upgrade Shleepy's Bubble

Mega Bubble- Bubbles get huge while holding down attack two and can trap small to medium enemies, damaging them every second they are trapped.

Pop- Shleepy can pop his bubbles with his crook or punches, popped bubbles are effectivly exploding bombs and do damage in relation to their size.

Ultra Bubble- A huge bubble can trap multiple small enemies 

Soul Gem Power

Shleepy Time- Shleepy tucks in his hat and takes a nap, while napping Shleepy regains health. 


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