Bone n Arrow

Rhu-Babies will rule"




Skele-Tron was an oridinary cyborg who wore a skeleton mask, but after months and months of battles he finally met the Netherworld. He was very depressed until he met a spell punk who had an offer for him. He said " If you will take charge of these homless Rhu-Babies, then I will put you back with the living." Skele-Tron accpeted, and resumed his place as a Skylander.


1: Arrow Shot

2: Spawn Rhu-Babies

SOUL GEM: Fortress of Bones

Additional AttacksEdit

Glowing Arrows

Spawn 6 Rhu-Babies

Glowing Fortress

Path 1Edit

Triple Shot

Path of Bones

Arrows can reflect off Objects

Path 2Edit

Spawn 10 Rhu-Babies

Spawn Rhu-Barbs

Rhu-Barbs attack on their own