UndeadSymbolSkylanders Skeleto UndeadSymbolSkylanders


Species: Skull
Gender: Male
Element: Undead
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Floating Crossbone, Sword Slam and Boom Bones.

"I bring the Cut!"

-Skeleto's Official Catchphrase.

Skeleto is a new Skylander from Skylanders: Elemental Masters. Hes also one of the 10 Elemental masters (PAGE STILL IN THE WORKS)


Skelto was build by a undead team of Skeletons. Once he was built he noticed something different about himself. He was able to make things float!He lifted a bunch the Skeletons and dropped them on the ground carefully. He was proud of his newborn powers. Then Skelto built himself a amazing Crossbow made with bones. He calls it the Death Crossbone. He then found a special sword to go along with his Crossbow. Then a bunch of evil drow came to try and destroy the creators of him. He then got furious with the Drow and started slashing and shooting with his sword and his crossbow. He then defeated the drow. As being very proud of him for his bravery and heroism, Master Eon came and asted his to be apart of the Sylanders and the Elemental Masters

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