Skulcrusher is an Undead Skylander with two skulls as hands.
Skulcrusher for CCSW



"It's crushin' time!"


A fusion of a Grounder, three Skeletons, and a Golem.


Skulcrusher was made when the mad scientist who had created Bubble Blower decided to fuse things together. He kidnapped a Grounder, a Golem, and three Skeletons, and fused them together. The result was Skulcrusher, who promptly crushed the mad scientist's head. Skulcrusher set off to look for his true purpose in life, and soon, Master Eon heard of him, and asked him to become a Skylander.


Main AttacksEdit

Skull Punch: Press A to punch with your skulls.

Skull Blast: Press B to fire a blast of energy from your skulls.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Doublepunch: Punch with both of your skulls at once.

HOTHOTHOT!: Blasts do extra damage.

Skull Slam: Press Z to grab an enemy and slam them into your body twice.

Path 1- Brawlin' Skull (Skull Punch Path)Edit

Ghostly Victims: Enemies defeated by Skull Punch turn into ghosts that attack other enemies.

The Ghosts are here!: Ghosts last longer.

Stone Skull: Skulls do extra damage.

Path 2- Slammer Skull (Skull Slam Path)Edit

Slammed Ghosties: Enemies defeated by Skull Slam turn into ghosts that attack other enemies.

Slam of Death: Skull Slam does extra damage.

Slam Spam: Skull Slam sends out rocks that do damage.

SOUL GEM- Pile on the Stones: Extra rocks all over your body make you harder to hit.

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