It Rattles my Bones!- Skullhead's official catchphrase

Skullhead is a skull-headed warrior and an undead core skylander in Skylanders: World.


Skullhead didn't always have a skull for a head. He was once a wimpy, flesh and blood headed warrior who was mocked by other heroes. One day, he heard about an enchanted sword hidden deep in the depths of the Underworld and went down to find it. Ironically, when he did find the sword, it came with a price: when he touched it, his head began to burn up until all that was left was his bony skull. Despite this, he became a great warrior and it wasn't until a run-in with Chop Chop that he became a Skylander.


Bone Sword: Attack with your sword. Press A1, A1, and hold for a special combo!

Skull Dash: Press A2 to dash.

Soul Gem: Bone Plated Armor: New armor gives you more protection.

Additional AttacksEdit

Flaming Skull

Bone Saber

Dash and Slash

Path 1:Sword MasterEdit

Sword Combos

Flaming Sword

Sword Sawblades

Path 2:Edit

Skull Chomp

Skull Health

Skull Headbutt

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