Dark Flare

"Whisper a Hex!"

one day while a Luna eclipse happened Queen Luna gave birth to a baby boy the whole town thought he was cursed because nobody in the town has witnessed a Luna eclipse Flare admired the position of being the keeper of the first spell book one day Kaos stole the Spell book to cast a spell to whisk the skylanders away while kaos reciting a spell he sneezed in the middle taking Flare and star strike away to skylands However flare swollowed the book! and star strike saw this dragon struggle to controll his powers and she helped him when she was recuited by Eon she told Eon about Flare then Eon recuited him.


1; turning into a ghost of his self and dashing into enemies

shooting lazers


shooting DARK FLAME shards

breathing Dark hexes

poisonous teeth bite(Instantly knocking enemies out)

3: Paths

one: DarkPowerup: increasing damage

growing Dark angel wings and flying

flaping dark hexes(Instant knock out)

Two: Slenderscare:turning into a giant and knocking out enemies

Breathing Burning hexes( breathing hexes and zombies come and help him fight damage X10)

slash like a wolverine sting like a bee flying and shooting lazers from tail then does hex flap.


core of Darkness: lighting self up wiht magic and drags down a energy ball( instant knock out)

Who next




Vote plz

P.s the Bold is the special attacks


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