Skylanders Awakened Logo
Developer(s) Beenox (Console Versions), Dimps (3DS Version)
Publisher(s) Z Productions
Series CouyZ's Skylander Fan Game Series
Genre Action-Adventure (Console Version), Platforming (3DS Version)
Rating(s) E10+ (Console Versions), E (3DS Version)
Skylanders: Awakened is a fan-game by CouyZ. The Starter Pack comes with Awakened Riptide, Darkness and Narwhal Master Chill.


There are 8 Awakened Skylanders, 24 reposed core Skylanders, 8 new core Skylanders, 8 reposed Giants, 4 new Giants and 12 Lightcore Skylanders. There are 4 new elements, Electric, Fairy, Ice and Shadow. You evolve Skylanders into their Awakened form using Awakening Stones. Each Awakening Stone has a name.


  • Dune Bug (AWAKENED): His stone is Magicite.
  • Daybringer Spyro (reposed)
  • Magician Voodood (reposed)
  • Double Sip Pop Fizz (reposed)
  • Assassin Ninjini (reposed)
  • Painicorn (core)
  • Deja Vu (Lightcore)


  • Bash (AWAKENED): His stone is Earthite.
  • Armored Terrafin (reposed)
  • Mega Boom Dino-Rang (reposed)
  • Triple Sting Scorp (reposed)
  • Stone Smash Crusher (reposed)
  • Sstone (Core/Lightcore)


  • Riptide (AWAKENED): His stone is Waterite.
  • Power Anchor Gill Grunt (reposed)
  • Spidermonkey Slam Bam (reposed)
  • Plasma Zap (reposed)
  • Pirate Sword Thumpback (reposed)
  • Ice Spike (core)
  • Punk Shock (Lightcore)


  • Sunburn (AWAKENED): His stone is Firite.
  • Molten Pit Eruptor (reposed)
  • Volcanic Fang Hot Dog (reposed)
  • Mega Ram Fryno (reposed)
  • Eruption Hot Head (reposed)
  • Burnadillo (Core/Lightcore)


  • Wind-Up (AWAKENED): His stone is Technite.
  • Moneyhorse Trigger Happy (reposed)
  • Metallic Suit Drobot (reposed)
  • Explosion Boomer (reposed)
  • Arm Cannon Bouncer (reposed)
  • Chom Nom (core)
  • Drill Sergeant (Lightcore)


  • Stealth Elf (AWAKENED): Her stone is the Lifenite.
  • Treant Stump Smash (reposed)
  • Spike Ring Shroomboom (reposed)
  • Supersonic High Five (reposed)
  • Oxbringer Tree Rex (reposed)
  • Bush Rush (Core/Lightcore)


  • Funny Bone (AWAKENED): His stone is Soulite.
  • Midnight Cynder (reposed)
  • Blade Warrior Chop Chop (reposed)
  • Spellcaster Hex (reposed)
  • Cyclops Eye-Brawl (reposed)
  • Freakout (core)
  • Roller Brawl (Lightcore)


  • Whirlwind (AWAKENED): Her stone is Windite.
  • Griffin Sonic Boom (reposed)
  • Rainstorm Warnado (reposed)
  • Mechanic Wing Jet-Vac (reposed)
  • Scarab Bee Swarm (reposed)
  • Race Ace (Core/Lightcore)


  • Thunderoar (Giant)
  • Hammer Wham Shell (Reposed Lightcore)


  • Sunlestia (Giant)
  • Winged Star Strike (Reposed Lightcore)


  • Frostbite (Giant)
  • Narwhal Master Chill (Reposed Lightcore)


  • Darkness (Giant)
  • Chaotic Grim Creeper (Reposed Lightcore)


In this game, you have to put an Adventure Pack figure on the Awakened Portal to explore a level. There's 14 levels.

  • Awakened Dimension (Hub World): This is not an Adventure Pack because it's only in the game.
  • Mirror of Mystery (Magic)
  • Futuristic Park (Earth): This Adventure Pack comes with Mega Boom Dino-Rang.
  • Pirate Seas (Water)
  • Volcanic Furnace (Fire): This Adventure Pack comes with Molten Pit Eruptor.
  • Tower of Time (Tech)
  • Forest Temple (Life): This Adventure Pack comes with Oxbringer Tree Rex.
  • Darklight Crypt (Undead)
  • Sheep Wreck Island (Air)
  • Lightbulb Fortress (Electric): This Adventure Pack comes with Chaotic Grim Creeper.
  • Rainbow Universe (Fairy): This Adventure Pack comes with Winged Star Strike.
  • Empire of Ice (Ice)
  • Nightmare Express (Shadow)
  • Cosmic Sky (Various): This Adventure Pack comes with Freakout.
  • Malfor's Palace: This Adventure Pack comes with Awakened Dune Bug.


  • This is CouyZ's first Skylanders fan-game to have reposed Giants.
  • There are no reposed Skylanders, new core Skylanders or Awakened Skylanders for the new elements. However, these 4 elements get new Giants and Lightcore Skylanders. The Lightcore Skylanders in the Elecric, Fairy, Ice and Shadow elements are remodels of Lightcores from canon Skylanders games.


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