This is a Skylanders version of the popular app, Doodle God.

Episode 1: Spyro's AdventureEdit

  • Elements: Fire (Starter), Water (Starter), Undead, Magic, Air (Starter), Earth (Starter), Tech, Life
  • Magic: Spyro, Double Trouble, Wrecking Ball, Voodood
  • Earth: Bash, Dino-Rang, Terrafin, Prism Break
  • Water: Gill Grunt, Zap, Wham-Shell, Slam Bam
  • Fire: Eruptor, Flameslinger, Ignitor, Sunburn
  • Tech: Drobot, Drill Sergeant, Trigger Happy, Boomer
  • Undead: Chop Chop, Cynder, Hex, Ghost Roaster
  • Air: Whirlwind, Sonic Boom, Warnado, Lightning Rod
  • Life: Stump Smash, Stealth Elf, Zook, Camo
  • Legendaries: Legendary Trigger Happy, Legendary Spyro, Legendary Bash, Legendary Chop Chop
  • Darks: Dark Spyro

Episode 2: GiantsEdit

Giant element added.

  • Elements: Giants, Lightcore


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