Skylanders: Imagination is a sandbox Skylanders fangame by CouyZ and a spin-off of CouyZ's Skylanders Fan Game Series. It reveals to be a sequel to Skylanders: Awakened and Skylanders: Worlds.


According to CouyZ, there are 24 reposed core Skylanders, 8 Maker Skylanders, 8 new core Skylanders, 8 reposed SWAP Force Skylanders, 8 new SWAP Force Skylanders and 8 LightCore Skylanders.

Maker SkylandersEdit

  • Psychic (Magic)
  • Statue (Earth)
  • Aquarium (Water)
  • Candelier (Fire)
  • Traktor (Tech)
  • Forest (Life)
  • Gravestone (Undead)
  • Windblower (Air)

More Skylanders coming soon.

Levels & BeastiaryEdit

You can create your own levels and put any enemies/boss in them.


  • This is only similar to Minecraft unlike the rip-off of Minecraft and Skylanders, Disney Infinity but this game focuses on both adventure and creativity.


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