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Skylanders Legends Offical Poster
Developer(s) Beenox (Console Versions), Dimps (3DS Version)
Publisher(s) Z Productions
Series Skylanders: Journeys
Genre Action-Adventure (Console Versions), Platforming (3DS Version)
Rating(s) E10+ (Console Versions), E (3DS Version)

Skylanders: Legends is a fan game made by CouyZ.

Types of SkylandersEdit

There are 6 types of Skylanders. Four of them are normal types while the two of them are special types.

  • Core - Regular Skylanders for collection.
  • Lightcore - Lights up on the Power Portal. The Lightcores in this game are reposed Lightcores.
  • Reposed - Classic Skylanders who have better powers than usual.
  • Giant - Skylanders that are bigger than the regulars, the Sidekicks and the Ocean Warriors.
  • Mini - Skylanders that are tinier than the regulars, the Giants and the Ocean Warriors. The Minis of the Magic, Water, Life and Undead elements are reposed Sidekicks.
  • Ocean Warrior - Skylanders that defend the Seafields. Each Ocean Warrior has two elements and the second element is always Water. The Ocean Warrior of the Water element is pure Water elemental.



  • Chinese Spyro (reposed)
  • Cosmic Star Strike (reposed)
  • Horned Pop Fizz (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Sparklight (core)
  • Lunakitty (core)
  • Moon Power (Giant)
  • Fireslam Spry (Reposed Mini)
  • Clamagic (Ocean Warrior)


  • Destroyer Terrafin (reposed)
  • Electro Blast Prism Break (reposed)
  • Superspeed Flashwing (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Pill Burr (core)
  • Axe (core)
  • Scorpisand (Giant)
  • Gem Crack (Mini)
  • Rockoral (Ocean Warrior)


  • Croc Boat Gill Grunt (reposed)
  • Toxic Waste Zap (reposed)
  • Fighter Slam Bam (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Freezevolt (core)
  • Aquaken (core)
  • Coralem (Giant)
  • Tidal Wave Gill Runt (Reposed Mini)
  • Eelectricity (Ocean Warrior)


  • Firework Barf Eruptor (reposed)
  • Phoenix Rainboom Sunburn (reposed)
  • Double Torch Smolderdash (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Canoroo (core)
  • Sunset (core)
  • Wyrm Flame (Giant)
  • Steamo (completely original Mini)
  • Power Cool (Ocean Warrior)


  • Chrome Suit Drobot (reposed)
  • Explosion Troll Boomer (reposed)
  • Bullet Trigger Happy (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Error (core)
  • Pilotwing (core)
  • Lasersaur (Giant)
  • Beep (Mini)
  • Anchoar (Ocean Warrior)


  • Suprise Lion Stealth Elf (reposed)
  • Veggie Zook (reposed)
  • Speed Rush High Five (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Timbervine (core)
  • Shrimplant (core)
  • Purrilla (Giant)
  • Oak Fist Barkely (Reposed Mini)
  • Leaf Surf (Ocean Warrior)


  • Mummy Chop Chop (reposed)
  • Wizard Hex (reposed)
  • Lightning Strike Cynder (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Darkport (core)
  • Tart Dart (core)
  • Beast Freaker (Giant)
  • Cyclops Eye Small (Reposed Mini)
  • Squidron (Ocean Warrior)


  • Solar Energy Whirlwind (reposed)
  • Golden Egg Sonic Boom (reposed)
  • Windmill Jet-Vac (Reposed Lightcore)
  • Red Raven (core)
  • Ztorm (core)
  • Blowerfly (Giant)
  • Slugstorm (completely original Mini)
  • Draincloud (Ocean Warrior)


The levels are called Worlds and the stages these have are called World Levels. Each World has 10 World Levels.

  • World 1: Radiant Isles (Boss: Hydra (Console Versions), Hektor (3DS Version))
  • World 2: Arkeyan Kingdom (Boss: Conquertron)
  • World 3: Seafields (Boss: Elecropus)
  • World 4 (Console Versions): Kaos' Palace (Boss: Legendary Kaos)
  • World 4 (3DS Version): Malfor's Lair (Boss: Legendary Malfor)


  • When CouyZ means Legendary Kaos and Legendary Malfor, he doesn't mean Legendary variants when he puts these two bosses in this game. He means that Kaos and Malfor have evolved into armored evil characters.
  • This is the second game by CouyZ to include new Giants. This is also the first to include reposed and new Sidekicks.

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