Skylanders Miniverse Logo
Developer(s) Beenox (Console)
Dimps (3DS)
Publisher(s) Z Productions
Series Skylanders: Journeys
Genre Action-Adventure (Console)
Platform (3DS)
Rating(s) E10+
Skylanders: Miniverse is the newest installment of CouyZ's Skylanders: Journeys.


Kaos shrunk the whole Skylands and the Skylanders as well. Now it's up to Portal Masters to assemble the Minis, the shrunk Skylanders, to turn Skylands and the Skylanders' mortal selves back into normal size and stop Kaos before it's too late.


Kaos didn't shrink all of the Skylanders. He shrunk only 72 of the Skylanders because the Trap Masters and some of the core Skylanders don't return in this game. Now it's time for Portal Masters to assemble the 72 Skylanders, now shrunk to Minis. There are 48 core Minis, 8 Giant Minis and 16 Swappable Minis. The cores and Giants are fine but for the swappers, they only need one tiny magnet so they don't end up swapping with the big Swappers and the elemental-swapped Swappers.


  • Spry
  • Hoodood
  • Shrinking Small
  • Sodapop
  • Nova Strike
  • Midja Vu
  • Mini Jini (Giant)
  • Cute Loop (Swap)
  • Trap Shade (Swap)


  • Terrabite
  • Gemcrack
  • Bop
  • Deeno-Rang
  • Flashie
  • Pebble Rumble
  • Thwomp (Giant)
  • Rubble Zipper (Swap)
  • Doom Steel (Swap)


  • Gill Runt
  • Slip Rip
  • Bong Shell
  • Riptike
  • Notia
  • Slap Shrink
  • Thumpling (Giant)
  • Squirt Buckler (Swap)
  • Frost Bitz (Swap)


  • Weeruptor
  • Sunray
  • Lighter
  • Puplit
  • Small Fry
  • Smallerdash
  • Sparky (Giant)
  • Hot Zone (Swap)
  • Fire Sparken (Swap)


  • Trigger Snappy
  • Drobit
  • Bummer
  • Spruck
  • Tik Tok
  • Choppy
  • Boinger (Giant)
  • Shooter Charge (Swap)
  • Tike Rise (Swap)


  • Whisper Elf
  • Zunk
  • Stem Smash
  • Shrink-Bum
  • Food Bit
  • High Five Jr.
  • Barkley (Giant)
  • Shrink Fart (Swap)
  • Chimpa Drilla (Swap)


  • Cyind
  • Cut Cut
  • Hijinx
  • Ghoaster
  • Roller Small
  • Grimsqueak
  • Eye-Small (Giant)
  • Bite Shift (Swap)
  • Veno Mini (Swap)


  • Breeze
  • Tini Rod
  • Pet-Vac
  • Pipsqueak
  • Slicer
  • Toss Tyke
  • Buzz (Giant)
  • Wee Ranger (Swap)
  • Mid Jet (Swap)

More information coming soon.

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