Skylanders: Mixed Elements is a upcoming game.


Long ago, the Elemental Crystals were kept safe by the Skylanders. But one day, an evil descendant of Kaos tried to steal them. When the Skylanders tried to stop him, the crystals were broken into peices that mixed with other Elemtal Crystal shards. The Skylanders were transformed into slightly different versions of their elemental forms. The resulting blast blew the Skylanders to Earth and buried Kaos' ancestor.. but not forever! Kaos has uncovered his ancestor's body and brought him back to life in search of the Elemental Crystals. Only you can use the Skylanders from their mixed elements and uncover the Mixed Elemental Crystals before Kaos does!


The Mixed ElementsEdit

New Core SkylandersEdit

Returning Core SkylandersEdit

Series 4Edit

  • Golden Ram Spyro (Magic)
  • Giant Machine Gun Trigger Happy (Tech)
  • Mega Mineral Prism Break (Earth)
  • Mighty Claw Terrafin (Earth)
  • Rainbow Horn Whirlwind (Air)
  • Supreme Lava Eruptor (Fire)
  • SuperSize Anchor Gil Grunt (Water)
  • Sneak Ninja Stealh Elf (Life)
  • wodden wepeon Chop-Chop (Undead)
  • Mighty Volt Cynder (Undead)

Series 3Edit

  • Supreme Gulp Pop Fizz (Magic)
  • Mega Bowler Wrecking Ball (Magic)
  • Super Machine Sprocket (Tech)
  • Power Armor Bash (Earth)
  • Super Diamond Flashwing (Earth)
  • Mighty Vacuum JetVac (Air)
  • Power Baby Sonic Boom (Air)
  • Big Bolt Lightning Rod (Air)
  • Flaming Bones Hot Dog (Fire)
  • Golden Armor Ignitor (Fire)
  • Mighty Blizzard Chill (Water)
  • MegaVolt Zap (Water)
  • Super Thorn Camo (Life)
  • Mega Hammer Stump Smash (Life)
  • Long Spear Fright Rider (Undead)

Series 2Edit

  • Power Staff Voodood (Magic)
  • Speed Blade StarStrike (Magic)
  • Bag 'o Boom Boomer (Tech)
  • Explosive Countdown (Tech)
  • Super Rang Dino-Rang (Earth)
  • Big Tooth Slobber Tooth (Earth)
  • Mighty Thorn Pop Thorn (Air)
  • Sunshine Sunburn (Fire)
  • Fire Stick Smolderdash (Fire)
  • Sea Whale Riptide (Water)
  • Fungi Strike Shroomboom (Life)
  • Triple Bee Bumble Blast (Life)
  • Super Wheel Roller Brawl (Undead)




Starter PacksEdit

Triple PacksEdit

  1. Legendary Clockodile (Tech), Legendary Flaming Bones Hot Dog (Fire), Legendary Twin Wiz (Magic) (Exclusive to Toys R Us)
  2. Dragon-1000 (Tech), Supreme Lava Eruptor (Fire), Mega Bowler Wrecking Ball (Magic)
  3. Giant Machine Gun Trigger Happy (Tech), Venus Fly Snap (Life), Rocky Mountain (Earth)
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
  10. Lightcore Camo (Life), Lightcore Sunburn (Fire), Lightcore Lightning Rod (Air) (Exclusive to Target)

Double PacksEdit

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Clockodile (Tech), Planet of the Shards (Place), Shard Rain (Item), Boomerang Swords (Item)
  • Burn Blast (Fire), Lava Castle (Place), Flame Pot (Item), Golden Fireball (Item)
  • Smackwash (Water), Arkeyan Cove ruins (Place), Hydro cannon (Item), Mighty Chest (Item)
  • TBA

Battle PacksEdit

  • Gust Roll (Air), Arrow Wabbit (Item), Power Armor Bash (Earth)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


For here, see Skylanders: Mixed Elements/Waves.

More soon!

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