Here are the Waves of this game!

Wave 1Edit

The Mixed ElementsEdit

Returning Core SkylandersEdit

  • Flaming Bones Hot Dog (Fire)
  • Supreme Lava Eruptor (Fire)
  • Mega Bowler Wrecking Ball (Magic)
  • Giant Machine Gun Trigger Happy (Tech)
  • Power Staff Voodood (Magic)

New Core SkylandersEdit

Lightcore SkylandersEdit

  • Lightcore Camo (Life)
  • Lightcore Sunburn (Fire)
  • Lightcore Lightning Rod (Air)

Triple PacksEdit

  1. Legendary Clockodile (Tech), Legendary Flaming Bones Hot Dog (Fire), Legendary Twin Wiz (Magic) (Exclusive to Toys R Us)
  2. Dragon-1000 (Tech), Supreme Lava Eruptor (Fire), Mega Bowler Wrecking Ball (Magic)
  3. Giant Machine Gun Trigger Happy (Tech), Venus Fly Snap (Life), Rocky Mountain (Earth)

Adventure PacksEdit

  • Clockodile (Tech), Planet of the Shards (Place), Shard Rain (Item), Boomerang Swords (Item)
  • Burn Blast (Fire), Lava Castle (Place), Flame Pot (Item), Golden Fireball (Item) (Exclusive to Walmart)

Battle PacksEdit

  • Gust Roll (Air), Arrow Wabbit (Item), Power Armor Bash (Earth)

Wave 2Edit


Wave 3Edit


Wave 4Edit


Wave 5Edit


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