"Get Creative!" -Skylanders Multiverse's Official Tagline

Skylanders: Multiverse is an upcoming Skylanders game made by Kriztian Milanes.


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In the depths of Skylands, Kaos is in his castle, trying to come up with the perfect idea to take over Skylands. After constant planning and failing, Kaos realizes that he should attempt to take over the universe first then Skylands to add power to his plans. Kaos then begins making his armies of trolls and other creatures to use highly advanced weaponry and vehicles to add some skill and awesomeness, since Kaos is a fan of awesome things. Then, after he finished his plans, Kaos decided to lay on his soft couch and take a nap, since he thinks things could work out greatly, and he needs his so called beauty sleep! Soon, Eon noticed Kaos plans and that he could be a really annoying yet powerful threat to Skylands and the entire universe! Eon began sending the Skylanders to help defeat Kaos mildly evil wrath!

Whats new

Skylanders Multiverse has a total of 32 new core Skylanders. It also comes with 8 Creator Skylanders, which can control multiple objects, create areas, unlock zones, and secret levels and are capable of powerful attacks and they also have dual elements. Variants now have increased stats or special attributes instead of just being exactly the same as the original Skylander. There are 10 worlds with 5 chapters each. And 5 adventure packs with 5 chapters each. It also has a total of 32 returning Skylanders. There are also Skybos, which are golden spirals that work similar to jiggies from Banjo Kazooie as they unlock worlds and are needed. There are 25 Skybos in each World, thus having 5 in each chapter and are acquired by doing tasks and more. And bringing a total of 250 Skybos in the entire game.

There is also a special mode called Sandbox Mode that allows you to place several enemies that you've encountered on the adventure and build a mini challenge that you can complete for stars and loot! You can make your own puzzles, bosses, and more and add them to a roster for infinite levels of fun! You can choose specific puzzles like defeat every enemy, beat the boss, solve the maze, and even a mix!


Creator skylanders:

Earth Primary

Water Primary

Tech Primary

Air Primary

Undead Primary

Fire Primary

Magic Primary

Life Primary

 New Core Skylanders:

New Lightcores:

  • Lightcore Gigabyte (Tech)
  • Lightcore Frill Grill (Fire)
  • Lightcore Smackwash (Water)
  • Lightcore Watchdog (Magic)
  • Lightcore Dust Devil (Earth)
  • Lightcore Fuzzsaw (Life)
  • Lightcore Encrypt (Undead)
  • Lightcore Spindle (Air)

Series 4

  • Hero's Tail Spyro
  • Filthy Rich Trigger Happy
  • Bubble Burp Eruptor
  • Samurai Stealth Elf
  • Swordsman Chop Chop
  • Rainbow Raiser Whirlwind
  • Ring Out Terrafin

Series 3

  • Gulper Wrecking Ball
  • Master Blaster Drobot
  • Glacier Slam Bam
  • Dreadlocks Zook
  • Wicked Hex
  • Speed Demon Flameslinger
  • Maternal Sonic Boom
  • Smash 'N Crash Bash

Series 2

  • Spell Caster Voodood
  • Hercules Dune Bug
  • Bag O Boom Boomer
  • Spring Loaded Wind Up
  • Mace Master Wham Shell
  • All Natural Riptide
  • Séance Zoo Lou
  • Joust Friends Fright Rider
  • Shackled Ghost Roaster
  • Hot Winged Sunburn
  • Hurricane Warnado
  • Needle Point Pop Thorn
  • Dagger Scorp
  • Commander Boomerang Dino Rang


Dark Variants

Basic Variants

Legendary Variants



Adventure packs:

Console Starter pack

  • 1 poster, Smackwash, Fuzzsaw, and Drilladillo, 3 character cards, game, 1 new Customizeable Portal of Power, 1 Bonus Zone.

3DS Starter Pack

  • 1 poster, Encrypt, Hammerabi, and Heated Smackwash, 3 character cards, game, new portal of power, 1 bonus zone.


World 1: Skyfields

Chapter 1: Skygrounds

Chapter 2: Skytown

Chapter 3: Toxic Sewers

Chapter 4: Downtown Trouble

Chapter 5: Boulder Battle

World 2: Ice peaks

Chapter 1: Snowball Valley

Chapter 2: Icicle Grotto

Chapter 3: Frost Caverns

Chapter 4: Frozen Fury

Chapter 5: Icy Wrath

World 3 Ooze Factory

Chapter 1: Ooze HQ

Chapter 2: Crushing Conveyors

Chapter 3: Creaky Control Room

Chapter 4: Techno mess

Chapter 5: Mecha Monster

World 4 Boneyard Plains

Chapter 1: Boney Lands

Chapter 2: Beneath the grave

Chapter 3: Ghoul Pits

Chapter 4: Undead Showoff

Chapter 5: Skelolizard Terror

World 5 The High Skies

Chapter 1: Troll Air Ship

Chapter 2: Anti-Gravity Atmosphere

Chapter 3: Aerial Assault

Chapter 4: Air Locks

Chapter 5: Storm Warner

World 6 Subterranean Lava Lands

Chapter 1: Hotblazed Lakes

Chapter 2: Searing Steps

Chapter 3: Secret Magma Chambers

Chapter 4: Volcanic Disaster

Chapter 5: Crust Shift

Other chapters are TBA

Bosses, Mini-Bosses, enemies

These are the bosses in Skylanders: Multiverse, there are 16 bosses and 5 minibosses, 8 of the bosses are evil elements, which are elements fused with evil to destroy, and the other 8 are regular Kaos minion bosses.

Regular Bosses, these are battled before the evil elements on another chapter. They are Trappable.

1st boss Sir Greasy

3rd boss Super Chompy bot

5th boss Baron Von Shellshock

7th boss Commander Slickback

9th boss Pilot Beard

11th boss Lavapus

13th boss Mega Core X

15th boss Tree Crusher 3000

Final boss Elemental Kaos

Evil Elements bosses, these are battled after each regular boss on a separate chapter. Non Trappable.

2nd boss Boulderpede (Evil Earth)

4th boss Ice golem (Evil Water)

6th boss Technological Electro Tank Bot (Evil Tech)

8th boss Bone digger (Evil Undead)

10th boss Dust Hurricane (Evil Air)

12th boss Magmonster (Evil Fire)

14th boss Aura ghost (Evil Magic)

16th boss AmBush (Evil Life)

Minibosses, found in some levels. Trappable.

Miniboss 1 Mad Bomber

Miniboss 2 Reflector Troll

Miniboss 3 Battleclops

Miniboss 4 Super Chompy

Miniboss 5 Hammer Bot

Trappable Villains

Earth: Stalag-Mite, Poundquake, Krackle-Lackle

Water: Sham-Pow, Castaway, Douse Louse

Tech: Photospear, Laptron, Scervo

Undead: Grave Buster, Crackula, SpellBound

Air: Twister Fister, Soar Boar, Cotton Clobber

Fire: Heater Bleater, Heatshave, Heat Lamp

Magic: Leopardcon, Stellar Shot, Catastrophe

Life: PowerMelon, Tiki Tango, Sugar Sapper




  • Some parts still need to be completed.
  • It's currently unknown that there would be any female skylanders.