Kaos is spreading darkness around Skylands making Skylands Dark. With the Rainbow Warriors, it is time to bring them back with new elements.

There is a rainbow portal that glows rainbows in the dark and each Rainbow Warrior can make infinite elements and you can create a new world with your imagination

Rainbow Warriors  Edit

Fire: Vulcano, Jetty

Water: Drater, Fishy

Dark: Darky, Glowie

Light: CandlineLights Lighter Lights

Magic: Rug Cursed Rug, Magician Cycloptic Magician

Life: Appline, Power Flower Power

Earth: Diggie, dasher Underground Dasher

Undead: Bones Boney Bones,[http:// Death Weapon Maker Death Weapon Maker]

Tech: Gunny, Master Turret Master

Air: Mage Hurricane Mage, Tornadoy

Electricity:[http:// Zappy Zappy], Voltey

Ice: Chill Chilly Chill, Froster

Eating: Eater Tree Eater, Eatoll

Strechable: Crammer Hammer Crammer

Slime: Up Slimed Up, Boogy

Spiky:[http:// Warning Spike Warning Spike], Claws Scary Claws

Space: train Space train, Rocketventer

Glowable: Powder Maker Glow Powder Maker, Outage Power Outage

Construction: Forkylift, and Hammer Jack and Hammer

Steam: Steampunky, Steambot

Core CharactersEdit

Fire:[http:// Burny Burny], Mech Lava Mech

Water: with Suds Drilla with Suds, Fish Fisher Fish

Dark: Fire Maker Dark Fire Maker, Magnet Dark Magnet

Light: Burner Lights Burner, Net Rainbow Net

Magic: Foot Magic Foot, rope maker Magic rope maker

Life: Planter Tree Planter, Tree Wooden Tree

Earth: to Dig Dig to Dig,[http:// Digging Machine Digging Machine]

Undead: Spooks Spookety Spooks, Headed Ghost Two Headed Ghost

Tech: S.M.A.S.H,[http:// Penguin Probe Penguin Probe]

Air: Maker Storm Maker, Armadillo Hurricane Armadillo

Electricity: Factoric Lightbulb Factoric, Windmill Dance Windmill

Ice: Chillax,Ninja Icy Ninja

Eating: Tree Eating Tree, Picker Apple Picker

Strechable: Bird Strength Bird, Tentacrow

Slime: Yuck Yucky Yuck, Crocodile Alergic Crocodile

Spiky: Spikes Spikety Spikes,[http:// Jawey Jawey]

Space: Alien Astronautic Alien, Rock Collecter Planet Rock Collecter

Glowable: Glowsome,[http:// Glowfire Glowfire]

Construction: Maker Hammer Maker, Truck Dumpy Truck

Steam: Steamer,Steamburn


Fire: Burner, Mich Lava Mich

Water: With Suds Drill With Suds, Fish Fishey Fish

Dark: Fire Make Dark Fire Make, Mag Dark Mag

Light:[http:// Lighty Burner Lighty Burner], Net Rain Net

Magic: Oot Magic Oot, Rote Maker Magic Rote Maker

Life: Antler Tree Antler, Tee Wooden Tee

Earth: Dig Dig Dig, Machine Diggety Machine

Undead: Spooks Spooky Spooks, head Ghost Two head Ghost

Tech: S.M.A.C.K, Probe Peg Probe

Air:[http:// Stormy Stormy], Hurridillo

Electricity: Factoric Lighty Factoric, Dancmill

Ice:[http:// Chilly Chilly],[http:// Icy Minja Icy Minja]

Eating: Tree Eater Tree, Nicker Apple Nicker

Strechable: Bird Stroth Bird, Tenticrow

Slime: Yuck Yuck Yuck, Croc Allergic Croc

Spiky: Spike Spike Spike, Jaws

Space: Astrolien, collecter Planetock collecter

Glowable: Glowter,[http:// Glowire Glowire]

Construction: Nammer Hammer Nammer, Truck Dumper Truck

Steam: Steamper, Steamurn

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