Skylanders: Rebels is a new fangame created by CouyZ!


There are 16 Rebel Soldiers, 24 reposed Skylanders, 8 new core Skylanders and 8 Lightcore Skylanders.

Rebel SoldiersEdit

Rebel Soldiers are Skylanders that have weapons which glow in the dark showing a color of their element. Magic is Pink, Earth is Orange, Water is Aquamarine, Fire is Red, Tech is Yellow, Life is Green, Undead is Purple and Air is Cyan. The weapons are called Rebula Weapons.

  • DuplaKick (Magic)
  • Uprise (Magic)
  • Masterminer (Earth)
  • Chargemaker (Earth)
  • Sword Fish (Water)
  • Whirlpooler (Water)
  • Garnade (Fire)
  • Sun Beam (Fire)
  • Beambox (Tech)
  • Cruiser Cushin (Tech)
  • Leaf Blade (Life)
  • Hedgehook (Life)
  • Domebone (Undead)
  • Creepinstein (Undead)
  • Boom Rock (Air)
  • Kracken Stormer (Air)

Core SkylandersEdit

There are 3 reposes and 1 new core Skylander for each element.


  • Flame Strike Spyro (reposed)
  • Monsterous Pop Fizz (reposed)
  • Insectous Dune Bug (reposed)
  • Scorpidusa (new)


  • Crystal Knuckle Terrafin (reposed)
  • Gem Bound Bash (reposed)
  • Dig Dug Rocky Roll (reposed)
  • ElecTrick (new)


  • Aqua Knight Gill Grunt (reposed)
  • Sea Magic Wham Shell (reposed)
  • Eel Dragon Echo (reposed)
  • Bubble Bee (new)


  • Supernova Eruptor (reposed)
  • Teleportal Sunburn (reposed)
  • Flarewave Smolderdash (reposed)
  • Buffalo Wing (new)


  • Pot'O Gold Trigger Happy (reposed)
  • Spaceship Drobot (reposed)
  • Big One Countdown (reposed)
  • Laughing Stock (new)


  • Watchdog Stealth Elf (reposed)
  • Forest Fungus Shroomboom (reposed)
  • Dragonfly High Five (reposed)
  • Booty Kick (new)


  • Masked Cynder (reposed)
  • Super Armor Chop Chop (reposed)
  • Blacksmith Hex (reposed)
  • Toxegg (new)


  • Colorblend Whirlwind (reposed)
  • Wind Robot Jet-Vac (reposed)
  • Poison Pop Thorn (reposed)
  • Headache (new)

LightCore SkylandersEdit

  • Josh McCoy (Magic;original)
  • Dino-Rang (Earth;returning from SA)
  • Tidepool (Water;original)
  • Ignitor (Fire;returning from SA)
  • Drill Sergeant (Tech;returning from SA)
  • Booty Kick (Life)
  • Toxegg (Undead)
  • Spinwolf (Air;original)


This game takes place in Cloudbeak Universe and it has 9 levels.

  1. Arcane Galaxy (Life) - Boss: Tumblejack
  2. Crystal Galaxy - Boss: Scorpiok (1st Battle)
  3. Tropical Galaxy (Water) - Boss: Shellfish
  4. Volcanic Galaxy (Fire) - Boss: Rumblemolt
  5. Technologic Galaxy (Tech) - Boss: Emperor Flightbulb
  6. Magic Galaxy (Magic) - Boss: King Wizz (1st Battle)
  7. Haunted Galaxy (Undead) - Boss: Tiki Reaper
  8. Stallagmite Galaxy (Earth) - Boss: Scorpiok (2nd Battle)
  9. Burstvolt Galaxy (Air) - Boss: King Wizz (2nd Battle)
  10. Kaos' Galaxy - Boss: Galactic Kaos


All of the common enemies from canon games will return here but there are four new enemies introduced!

  • Mini Shellfish
  • Flightbulb
  • Wizz
  • Spooky Tiki


  • This is an altered version of Skylanders: Galaxy.
  • The title is similar to that of the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels.

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