Skylanders: Super Troops is a new Skylanders game with 16 new cores and 16 Super Troops. The Super Troops can make clones of enemies and themselves, you can control multiple clones, so you can make huge armies of your Super Troop or enemy. The enemies you clone will fight for you. There will be 16 returning Skylanders.


Animal Trainer Torch (Series 2)

Forest Fire Hot Dog (Series 3)

Hyperlava (Super Troop)

Vulcano (Super Troop)

Magma (Core)

Campfire (Core)


Off the Plank Rip Tide (Series 2)

Storm Gill Grunt (Series 5)

Splash Blast (Super Troop)

Swim Diver (Super Troop)

Icicle (Core)

Winter (Core)

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