The 5th Skylander Game. All skylanders get a new series and repose except Dino-Rang, Wham-Shell, Punk Shock, Boomer, Grim Creeper, also except the Swap Force and Giants.


Kaos finally learns his lesson. That no matter, what he can't destroy skylands. He wishes to give up his evil, his evil mind blooms away to a new type of evil.  Kaos tells the skylanders he will be a good guy, but a new evil arrived, The Evil Giant Ultimate Doomer. It became alive from all the enemies the skylanders have defeated and the Evil Giant made Darkness Crystals, which make the enemy more evil, he even plans to evilize the skylanders, Kaos plans to build a force field for the skylanders, along with a new crew and team called the teamers, who Kaos made with his remaining Minions. Some teamers weren't Kao's Minions in the past, though.

New SkylandersEdit

Air: Lightning Rocket

Undead: Death

Earth: Crash

Tech: Robonator


Teamer SkylandersEdit

Undead: Zombie

Tech: Slam Block

Magic: Science Troll

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