Skylanders: The Legendary KingdomCreated By: SkylandsMaster405 Edit

Skylanders: The Legendary Kingdom is another upcoming videogame made by myself. This game is a reference to the cancelled game "Spyro's Kingdom" which was the prototype of Skylanders. It is sort of turned into a RPG styled version like the Minecraft mod " Legend Of Notch". There will be a few characters from the Spyro series joining this all new fan made game. There will also be a few OCs as well as NPCs. The game is only available in the PC and Lenovo computers and laptops. And you still also use a Portal Of Power to make it still Skylanders-like. The Starter set for it will be available 20 Janurary 2015.

Portal Of Power Edit

It still uses the pedestal called the Portal Of Power to bring Skylanders back to life. However, this pedestal is as small as the Nintendo 3DS' version of the Portal Of Power. There will be no new additions to this Portal Of Power.

What's New Edit

As above it is now RPG styled. There will be at least 48 returning Skylanders, 24 new core Skylanders and possibly new alter ego Skylanders! The evil dragon, Malefor has returned after suffering a terrible defeat from Spyro and his gang. You go on an adventure by bringing back to life your favorite Skylander and help save The Legendary Kingdom! There will be also be new bosses as Kaos is no longer ruling Skylands.

Skylanders Edit

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