Skylanders Weapon Artillery is a new Skylanders Game with multiple new features.


Long Ago in the eight corners of the ancient octogon, Eight Ancient Skylanders called the Weapon Artillery brought forth eight mystical weapons which could be wielded by any one of them, and be put to their element. However, one day an evil race called the Titanors invaded the octagon, and banished the weapon artillery to earth. Now Kaos has revived the titanors, and he's plotting to take over skylands! Now it's up to the portal masters to bring the weapon artillery back to skylands and stop Kaos.

New SkylandersEdit

Core SkylandersEdit

Light Core SkylandersEdit

  • Lightcore Spyro
  • Lightcore Boomer
  • Lightcore Conch
  • Lightcore Ignitor
  • Lightcore Zook
  • Lightcore Ghost Roaster
  • Lightcore Dino-Rang
  • Lightcore Thunder Strike

Weapon ArtilleryEdit

  • Unknown Magic 
  • Unknown Tech
  • Unknown Water
  • Sun Spot
  • Unknown Life
  • Unknown Undead
  • Unknown Earth
  • Unknown Air

Mystical WeaponsEdit

  • The Sword
  • The Hammer
  • The Mace
  • The Whip
  • The Blaster
  • The Bomb-Launcher
  • The Bow and Arrows
  • The Boomerangs

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